Friday, January 29, 2010

Introduction to ME!!

So I've always loved makeup. I believe I was wearing it when I was born. My problem is, I never really knew how to use it. I started using makeup before YouTube and the Internet became available to watch tutorials. My friend came to visit me a year ago and I just loved the way her makeup always looked. She looked great. She introduced me to Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals. I had seen them plenty of times on QVC and they always had great reviews so I went down to my Ulta store and bought some foundation and warmth. I was in love. The things you can do with warmth! She came out to visit again about 8 months later. She then introduced me to Urban Decay. I started getting curious about mineral eye makeup. It seemed so fun being able to mix it with stuff and create a whole to color essentially. I had a really hard time seeing how an eyeshadow could actually be worth $13+. I started looking around online for "powder eye makeup" and got nowhere. I later learned that it is called pigments or mineral eye makeup. WHOA... I found a TON of stuff. I found all kinds of websites. I narrowed my search down and decided to place sample orders with, and They all offered the same amount of pigment, if not more, for 50%-75% less. My favorite though it TheSheSpace. They have absolutely WONDERFUL customer service and Heather has a forum where all of us addicts can talk with each other about all kinds of stuff. I found a support group!! Sadly, TheSheSpace is discontinuing About Face Cosmetics to pursue a more personal makeup/inspirational company designed around Hope Quest. Right now you can get 3 gram jars of piggies for only $2.50!! So anyway, that's my story. I hope you enjoy!!

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  1. The forum was the first place I foud to post looks and talk to other makeup junkies. Since I found out about About Face discontinuing, I've tried to find other makeup forums, but they don't seem to suit me.
    About Face will be greatly missed! :(