Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to my laboratory!

After spending what feels like millions of dollars on makeup over the past couple years, I came to the conclusion that I should probably just start making my own makeup. Then the thought occurred to me, "Why not try and sell it eventually?" So... I order this ginormous kit from TKB Trading and went to town as soon as it arrived.

I have been having a BLAST!

Of course, I have ordered more micas and fillers since then. And then you need supplies... like a blender, jars of various sizes, etc. So sure, I've spend a lot of money up front, but I think it's been worth it already. I've made tons of stuff!

Here is my lab table with all my ingredients.

The ingredients did NOT come in those jars. I ordered them from a Seattle based company :).

Heres some of the stuff I've made!




Of course I have to try it all out right? So here's a picture of my makeup desk where I get ready everyday. I'm going to need a better storage system soon... hehe!

So that is what has been keeping me busy and entertained lately. Maybe one day I'll be good enough at it to start making money from it... but we'll see!


  1. How cool is this? I would love to make my own makeup as well. Good on you for actually doing it!!! By the way, that blue eye shadow (bright one) is absolutely stunning


  2. Way to go Ness! I think it's great you are creating your own products!

  3. @Christina... It's actually fairly simple. The kit I ordered also has a book with it, so that helped get me started. Then I did a lot of browsing around on forums and websites to get more info. I still haven't mastered it, but I'm getting better! I'm glad you enjoyed some of the colors. I'll eventually feel confident enough to send out samples... and when I do, it'll be on here and you can try it!

    @Holly Thanks! I'll make you some when you guys come visit again. I'll even make the girlies some of their very own makeup... I think they'll like that!