Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stay at Home Girlfriend

Okay, I've been on "vacation" for 4 days now... and I am bored! I guess if I had kids like a stay at home mom, that would be different... but the dogs don't ask much of me and I don't have to drive them around anywhere. I've watched TV more than I'd have liked to... same goes for snacking. It has to stop! Next week will have more structure... hopefully.

I have done a lot of stuff with Chinovi Cosmetics. I've got things organized and I've got some papers about getting an LLC to go through... maybe that's how I'll spend my Friday.

While watching all the unnecessary television, I've been focusing on people's makeup. I was watching Country Strong (I <3 Leighton Meester)and I just loved Leighton's eye makeup throughout the whole movie. It was very neutral/smokey/metallic... if that makes ANY sense. So, since I have all kinds of ingredients laying around... I made colors that I was inspired by. One of the colors I was loving was a metallic sand/bronze/silver color. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to create. But I was successful! Later, I was cleaning out some jars of MMU I purchased a couple years ago and a blob of a few colors caught my eye... I immediately smeared it all over the back of my hand and got to work recreating it. Today I decided to get all pretty for Ling. He came home yesterday and I still looked like I had just gotten out of bed. I was dying to wear the new colors... so guess what?... I'm wearing them! Here they are!

I'm not a fan of this photo... but I think its funny. I never ever notice that my mouth us totally uneven... or my nose either for that matter. It wasn't until I started taking photos of my FOTD that I noticed it. haha!

I LOVE the combination of these colors! What do you think? Is there anything you'd like to see?... color combos, looks, etc?

Thanks for stopping by!

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