Monday, December 5, 2011

There is a plan.

I've been a lazy blogger again.  I went to visit my boyfriends parents for the Thanksgiving weekend and didn't really take any pics of my looks.  I was afraid they'd walk in on my taking a bunch of self portraits... awkward!  I don' t know what my excuse was last week.  I was just lazy.  But now, my camera is at work, so I'll get it tomorrow and get back to taking photos.  End of excuses.

Now, I've been thinking a lot about the plan I have for my blog.  I really want to be more active and do some different things.  It will obviously contain my looks and some product reviews/swatches, but I really want to start getting Chinovi Cosmetics out there.  I'm hoping to launch the first quarter of 2012.  Sure, I could open something now... but I want to do this right!  So you'll all have to hang tight for a little bit longer.  I'm planning on getting pictures up of ALL the products I have made so I can allow people to "shop" for samples to test and blog about when I get closer to launch time.  I do understand how important the blogging community is for indie companies!

What else do I have planned for my blog?  Well, in May, I'm going to Hawaii for my friends wedding, and we are taking the opportunity to make it a vacation as well.. so guess what?... I'm going to be losing some weight.  I would like to post once a week about my progress.  I feel that you are more accountable when you have to report to other people.  I also plan to post information regarding Chinovi Cosmetics as well as continued makeup post (EOTD, reviews, etc).

Is there anything you guys would like to see?  Would you be interested in post about hair care and products as well?



  1. Are those some of your shadows? They're beautiful! The green on the far upper right and the brown/gold/black (?) third from the left on the bottom row are AMAZING!!! So is that gorgeous color (taupe? purple?) to the right of the brown/gold/black on the bottom row. Amazing! Can't wait to try them!!!

  2. Those are indeed some of my colors! I will let you know when I get close to launching so I can get some samples to you!!