Thursday, January 5, 2012

Urban Decay Hautelook Haul and Look

I finally caved and ordered from Hautelook (invite link) when Urban Decay was on. 

UD was one of the first major makeup purchases I made.  I remember my friend Diane (who was going to beauty school at the time) came out to visit me and she had an UD pallet and some Bare Minerals.  I was in love.  Before, I was using regular drug store stuff and wasn't really thrilled with what it was doing for/to me.  Diane also was a miracle worker and made me look gorgeous! My next paycheck was spent at Ulta on BE and UD.  I love the vibrancy of UD colors and the pigmentation is amazing.  I learned to mix colors I wouldn't normally mix together... you don't always have to play it safe with using colors all in the same family.

Its been a few years and I've branched out and bought many other brands since.  I do love me some UD, but I've since gone more indie.  I decided it was time to purchase form UD again.  The prices were so freaking amazing, how could I not?!

Here is what I got:

Tinted Moisturizer in Bodyguard ($3)
Liquid Liner in Ecstasy ($2)
24/7 Liners in Dime and Baked ($2/each)

I spent $9+shipping.  One UD eyeliner retails at $18.  My guess is that they are changing packaging and/or discontinuing these items, but still... its a steal!

I love the 24/7 pencils and the liquid liner.  I did not like the tinted moisturizer.  The moisturizer made me break out terribly and it was too dark.  I thought medium/light would work for me since I'm not completely pale.  I'll be seeing if my niece would like to try it since she is a bit darker than me and her skin might agree with the formula.

Here is a very quick look I did using most of the products.
Please excuse those eyebrows.  :(

obviously Bodyguard it too dark on me.

What I used:
UD Bodyguard Tinted Moisturizer all over face
CS Neutral pallet all over eye (1 color)
UD Ecstasy eyeliner on upper lid
UD Dime eyeliner on lower waterline
CG Lash Blast mascara

What has been your favorite Hautelook purchase?  How about your favorite Urban Decay product?

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