Friday, May 25, 2012

Blog Sale!

Oh, HEY!!  Yup, I'm still here!  I've got a blog sale for ya'll!!  These colors haven't been getting any use from me so I'm offering them up to all of you!  There are 304 full size jars of About Face/The She Space, and a bunch of other samples.  Samples have all put put into 2x2 ziploc bags for better storage except for the Aromaleigh, and Archetype Cosmetics samples, which are in their original baggies..  Most colors have only been swatched or used 1-2 times.  A few About Face colors have been used multiple times but still have plenty of product in them... some were even combined with their samples.

About the About Face/The She Space colors, I bought them, rejarred them since I couldn't stand the three gram jars with no sifters at the time.  I also applied magnets to the lids and put them on magnetic dry erase boards to I could display them ALWAYS!  I assume the magnets can be cut off with a blade.

I will calculate shipping when invoicing.  Email me at with you color choices and I will paypal invoice you!  Also, I will cross off colors and they are paid for.

About Face/The She Space FULL SIZES:
I believe I bought them all for around $2.50 a piece plus new jars w/ sifters and magnets.  I'm selling them for $2.00 each.
A Bit Too Much
A Frozen Heart
A Nation of Nymphs
A Tale of Two Twins
Acidic Reign
After the Kiss
All Eyes on You
All for Fabulous
All That it Seems
Anti Establishment
Anybody Seen Erin?
Aphrodite Screams
Art of a Melody
Art of Noise
Arctic Air
Baited Breath
Barefoot Bliss
Be the Fairytale
Be Who You Are
Bed of Nails
Best in Show
Beyond Convention
Beyond Skin Deep
Beyond the Odds
Blame the Rain
Blast of Night
Blink of an Eye
Boogie on Man
Born a Savage
Born in Bliss
Bottles of Bubbles
Brave Military Wife
Broken Rules
Candy Cane Cavities
Can't Hide From Karma
Caught off Guard
Chaos in Creativity
Chillin With the DJ
Circus Chic
Clean Living
Colossal Karma
Crash Course
Crawl Than Fly
Crazy for Crabs
Crisp White Shirt
Crowning of the Cats
Crushed Metal
Crystal Sizzle
Crystal Wind
Curse of the Cocktail
Cursed with Charisma
Cynical Fairy
Dark Secret
Dark Side of Glam
Dazzle Dance
Defied Certainty
Defining Silence
Deliver on Destiny
Demon Chatter
Desperate Measures
Diamond Drizzle
Dim Witted
Distant Rumor
Divas on Fifth
Do the Lobster Crawl
Dove's a Plenty
Dragon Breath
Drama on the Dance Floor
Drop Kicked
Drops of Moonstone
Eerie Echo
Eggnog Hangover
Electric Lust
Elves in the Chimney
Elves Rule
Enemy Mine
Eventual Madness
Exiled From Eden
Exploring Everything
Extra Caution
Fairy Dust Frenzy
False Pretenses
Far Too Fabulous
Far Too Free
Fashioned in Finland
Feast for Eyes
Feeling so Fine
Felt the Burn
Fire in the Heart
First Class Con
Fisher Queenie
Follow the Sun
Foreclosed on the Castle
Funky Chicken
Garland Gone Wrong
Ghostly Story
Gin Fizz and a Phone #
Girl Genius
Glossy Moon
Goddess Called Pam
Goosed by Grinch
Gothic Glamour
Happy Haze
Happy Hour Hazards
Hard Headed
Hark the Raven
Haunted Moon
High Drama
High Glam
His Name is Gil
Hollywood Dropout
Hot Head
Human Condition
Iced Castles
Icicle Wars
Ignore the Talking Mirror
Innate Optimist
Inspired Meltdown
Intended Bliss
Into the Smoke
Ironic Chatter
Jump Jive and Jenny
Karma Comes Back
Keys to the Castle
Killer Bees
Killer Kiwis
Kiss of Belief
Kiss of Creativity
Kiss of Luxury
Kiss of Reality
Kiss of This
Kiss of Whimsy
Kiss the Frogs
Kitty Kat
Lack of Sanity
Lawyers and Lip Service
Lazy Day with Kay
Lemon Lime Brain Freeze
Leprechaun Scandal
Lions and Witches
Lit Up Lisa
Little Bit of Fabulous
Little Explosions
Little Girl Lost
Little Sue Sunshine
Living With Flowers
Looked and Leaped
Love's Rhythm
Lucky Charm
Magic Castle
Magic in the Mirror
Make Believe
Make it Happen
March of the Maniacs
Marshmallow Mist
Martinis and Men Don't Mix
Merely a Bit Modest
Mesh and Lace
Midnight in the Palace
Mincing of Words
Minimal Damage
Mistletoe Morning
Misty Maiden
Modest Envy
Mohawks and Mayhem
Monsters Mean Nothing
Moonlight and Miracles
Moral Enemy
Much Less Daunting
Name Dropper
Naughty Little Elves
Necessary Laughter
Next Stop Oz
No Scruples
Notorious She
Oh Precious Patience
Oh You Jealous Girl
One Broken Stiletto
One Dark Night
One Persuasive Piper
One Special Star
One Stop Shop
One True Mind
One Turkey Trotting
Outlaw the White Tights
Over Coiffed
Over Rated Perfection
Parallel Worlds
Park Avenue Princess
Pay Attention
Pearl World
Pearls and Stilettos
Pigment Power
Pinch of Magic
Pinch of Spice
Pixie in Paradise
Poetry in Persuasion
Psycho Babble
Queenie of the Cats
Rainbow Kisses
Rapunzel's Bad Hair Day
Razzle Me Dazzle Me
Reap and Sew
Rescue Yourself
Resting on Laurels
Ribbons of Rainbows
Root of Evil
Rotten Apples
Rude Awakening
Rudolph on a Rampage
Savor the Psychosis
Seven Little Men
Shadow of Doubt
Shake Your Groove Thing
Shards of Glass
She Does Sparkle
She Talks Trash
She's a Tough Cookie
She's Brilliant
She's Ms. Independent
She's Simply Sasha
She's so Thrifty
She's You
Silence the Shrieking
Silently Illuminated
Singing Breaks Silence
Singing With Sailors
Sips of Sin
Skinny Minny
Slaves to Simplicity
Slumber Party
Smoothe Sailing
Snooty Socialite
Snow Capped
Snow White's Dark Side
Social Misfit
Soldier of Love
Sorta Spicy
Sour Grapes
Sparkle Bubble
Spiral Kickin' Kara
Stand and Deliver
Stay in Faith
Stolen Soul
Stories of Glory
Storybook Love
Street Savvy
Stretch of Possibility
Sunflowers and Sugar
Surfing the Nile
Swim with the Fishes
Symphony of Chaos
Taboo Transfer
Take a YOU Day
Take the Cake
Tall Drink of Water
Tame That Shrew
Tear Jerk
The Bubbles Made me do It
The Golden Rule
The Good Life
The Maestro
The Maiden Marcey
The Mirror Loves Me
The Simple Strut
The Smoking Gun
The Tacky Chick
The Terror of Tinsel
Three Evil Chicks
Tiny Little Luxuries
Tip the Scales
Tipping the Scales
Too Cool For School
Touched by Truth
Trick Out Turtledove
Trolling For Hotties
Trolls on Trial
Trust and See
Twinkle Baby
Twisted Psychic
Twisting in Bliss
Two Left Feet
Unicorns in Love
Vampires Tap Dancing
Victory Dance
Vintage Advantage
VIP Lounge Lizards
Vodka and a Vixen
Wake up Call
Wasted Space
Watching for Turtles
When Bliss Meets Wisdom
Whimsical Destiny
Whirled and Twirled
Widdles and Waddles
World Class Heroes
Ying and Yang
You Cheat I Win

My Beauty Addiction SAMPLES:
Not sure what I paid for these... probably 1-1.50 each.  I'm selling them for 50 cents each.  Some of these have double the product in them.  I believe all the planetary type ones.  Swatches can be found here.

Electric Blue
Electric Yellow
Gold Olive
Electric Pink
Aged Gold
Electric Purple
Electric Coral
Milk Chocolate
Pink Crystal
Electric Green
Electric Orange

Taylor Made Minerals SAMPLES:
I bought these each for $1.  I'm selling them for 50 cents each.


Not sure what I paid for them... probably 1.50-2.00 each.  I'm selling them for 75 cents each.

French Vanilla Shake
Dressed to Kill
Black Plum
Biker Chic

Aromaleigh v.1 SAMPLES:
I believe I bought these when Aromaleigh was "closing."  Not sure what I paid for them.  I'm selling them for 50 cents each.

Drama Queen Violet
Drama Queen Topaz
Drama Queen Teal
Drama Queen Silver
Drama Quen Red
Drama Queen Green
Drama Queen Copper
Drama Queen Cocoa
Drama Queen Blue

Archetype Cosmetics SAMPLES: SOLD
I believe she is no longer in business.  I bought samples from her a couple times, so I kind of have a lot!  I bought them for 25 cents each... super cheap.  I'm selling them for 15 cents each.  Swatches can be found here.

Angel Dust
Angel of Indulgence
Antique Platinum
Apocalypse Meow
Behind the Velvet Mask
Bettie's Bangs
Brat Prince
Broken Angel
Burlesque Revival
Candy Cane Kisses
China White
Dark Ouija
Dead Roses
Deadly Nightshade
Deep Sunless Sea
Desert Rain
Deus ex Machina x2
Devil's Frost
Devil's Road
Dirty Blonde
Exquisite Corpse
Faerie Light
False Spring
Feathered Serpent
Fool in the Rain
Frozen Charlotte
Ghost Dance
Glass Coffin
Gloomy Sunday
Goddess of Destruction
Goth Trash
Harlot Star
Kitsune Yokai
Kitten Toes
La Bella Donna
Lisa's Busted Camero
Little Grey Kitten
Machine Darkness
Madame Terpsichore
Mandrake Root
Memento Mori
Midnight Aeval
Northern Lights
Obsidian Butterfly
Oceans of the Night
Oil Slick
Once Upon a Time
Ornaments of Gold
Papaver Somniferum
Pixie Poop
Plastic Pink
Poison Pen
Pressed Pansy
Queen of the Nile
Raven's Feather
Red Death
Seelie Court
Sexy Librarian
Silk & Cyanide
Silk Stockings
Skeleton Key
Soap Bubble
Spike Heel
Spring Lunacy
St Alia-of-the-Knife
Sunset Spice
The Black Dahlia
The Gargoyle Trees
The Oak King
The Uneasy Dancers
This Night to End
Transylvanian Concubine
Unseelie Court
Unwrap Me
Verre de Soie
Yowie the Night Beast

Happy Shopping!!

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