Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Depotting Urban Decay Primer Potion

I was geared up and ready to finally go get some more UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance when I remembered coming across some tutorials on how to depot UDPP.  I had tried everything under the sun that was less than $10 in the mean time and nothing really works as well as UDPP and TFSI.  So, I took my genie tube of UDPP, a towel, a knife and a old glass jar, and I sliced that thing open.  *It would have been much easier had I been using a sharper knife*  Holy Moley there was a lot of stuff still in there.  I must say, the design of UDPP is such a waste.  I would never have known about all the remaining PP had I not sliced it open.  I fit it all into what I would assume is a 10 gram jar.  I guess paying $18 isn't so bad if you make sure to get it all out! Good luck to anyone trying and make sure to be careful!!


  1. Alot of people do complain that they can't get all the product out of the jar,and to me that is a bit of a ripoff. I like that you found a way not to waste it!

  2. I know... I think its a toss up as to wether or not UD is helping themselves out. On one side you have people constantly buying the product when they "run out" and on the other hand you have people like me who just weren't going to buy it again. I will buy again now that I know how to get it all out though.