Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Year in the Life of my Hair

So a year ago, Valentines Day 2009 I felt like I needed a change.  So, I went and had red highlights put into my hair.  I loved it!  They were super dark so they are a little hard to see.  My hair was about to the bottom of my shoulder blades

Then, a month later I was tired of the length and the red was starting to fade out real ugly, so... Went to a Paul Mitchell focus salon and I had it chopped... seriously chopped...
This was on my way home from the Beauty Salon.  You can't see the red well since it was taken with my cell phone.

This was the beginning of April when I went sailed in Phoenix with my brothers family. You can see the red a little better. And yes, I wear glasses and I do the double glasses thing with my sunglasses... a girl has to be able to see, right?

The May rolled around.  Having a disconnected bob is a PAIN to grow back.  Plus I have this horrible cowlic on my left side at my neck so my hair wasn't laying right and I was not enjoying my hair anymore.  Plus the red was fading out again so I figured it was time to dye it again.  This time I went closer to it's natural color.  Its pretty dark brown.
This picture was a couple days after I went to the salon.

This picture was a week or so ago.

After that I left the color and just got trims as needed.  The dye was pretty close to my natural color which was nice because I didn't need to touch up the color!

Now, I am a person who likes to keep doing differant things to their hair.  So going from May until February without doing anything except trimming, is a big accomplishment.  My hair has been growing, slowly but surely.  It again wasn't laying right and I wanted to bob to connect more.  And once again, I wanted some color or pizazz to my hair.  So, I have this friend going to beauty school and she did it for me.  I love it!!  I think we'll be going in and making the red more vibrant, maybe a little more purple or something??... who knows!

And that's it.  Thats my hair over the year.  It's been through a lot... lol!  Hopefully I don't bald early due to over proccessing my hair!

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