Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekly Challenge: Galaxy!

In my Facebook group, Never Too Much Sparkle, we have weekly challenges.  I LOVE them!  This week our theme is Galaxy!!  I only had a few days to decide what I was going to do and execute it since I leave on Wednesday to meet Ling's parents for the first time (can we say NERVOUS!?), and I'll be gone all weekend.  I'd rather them not know the crazy side of me... yet! 

So I spent the last couple days thinking about what I could do.  There are always confetti stars... but that is so cliche, right?  And then there is your typical dark eye with glitter or something... and I didn't want to do those.  As I was watching TV tonight, I looked up at the painting above our TV.  Last year, for Christmas, Zach did a painting for Ling.  (Zach is my baby brother.  He's 21 and has down syndrome.  He is a great artist and very musically gifted as well.)  Lings zodiac is the Taurus, so that is what Zach's painting is based on.

I LOVE this painting.  I actually love all of his art... its in almost every room of our house (two in my room actually)!

So yea, that is my inspiration.  Now on to the look!

Okay, I'm a little lazy right now.  I have absolutly no other makeup on my face besides eye makeup and I only did one eye.

What I used:
Smashbox Photo Finish Eye Primer
NYX JEP's in Milk and Purple
Three different UD pallets.  The colors I used were: Fishnet, Honey, Peace, Uzi, and Ransom
NYX Glitter liner in Disco Queen
Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara in Very Black

I think the glitter in the brows was overkill.. but hey... too late now!

What do you think?  I had a lot of fun trying to bring the painting to my eyelid!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks ladies! It was a lot of fun!

  2. Haven't see this one it's beautiful!! I like the fact that you also only do one eye sometimes :o)